[Single] MUCC – Haide


MUCC – Haide

File info

Artist: MUCC (ムック)
Title (Album/Single): Haide (ハイデ)
Release Date: 2016.06.15
File Format: m4a
Archive: RAR


MUCC’s first single in nearly two years, Heide refers to the German word for the Erica or heath flower. Produced by L’arc-en-Ciel’s Ken, the song takes inspiration from the flower’s symbolism of “loneliness” and its ability to grow in the wilds. KILLEЯ, Kanashimi to DANCE wo and JOKER, which MUCC unveiled earlier this year on their M.A.D tour with AKi, are included as B-sides.

Tracklist & Size

01 Heide.m4a ~ 8.16 MB
02 Killer.m4a ~ 11.24 MB
03 Joker.m4a ~ 7.52 MB
04 Kanashimi to Dance Wo.m4a ~ 10.00 MB
05 Heide (Instrumental Version).m4a ~ 7.93 MB

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