[Single] Keyakizaka46 – Kuroi Hitsuji

[Single] Keyakizaka46 - Kuroi Hitsuji

File info

Artist & Title: Keyakizaka46 – Kuroi Hitsuji
Artist & Title (Org.): 欅坂46 – 黒い羊
File Format: aac
Archive: RAR
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Release Date: 2019.02.27

Tracklist & Size

01. 黒い羊.m4a ~ 10.3 MB
02. 君に話しておきたいこと.m4a ~ 9.97 MB
03. Nobody.m4a ~ 7.64 MB
04. 抱きしめてやる.m4a ~ 7.88 MB
05. ヒールの高さ.m4a ~ 7.24 MB
06. ごめんね クリスマス.m4a ~ 9.1 MB
07. 否定した未来.m4a ~ 8.58 MB

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Password: www.jpopsingles.com

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9 thoughts on “[Single] Keyakizaka46 – Kuroi Hitsuji

  1. Thank you for this upload. I love them so much. May I suggest an artist? Her name is Maria and she is a solo Japanese artist. If you can find her stuff I’d be forever grateful. Some of her albums are “Merci Vox”, “that LOVE”, and “Goin My Way” If you need any help on finding her, there’s what to go on. I’d love all of her stuff. I haven’t been able to find her music at all. CDJapan doesn’t sell her music anymore and is labeled “out of print”. 🙁

      1. OMG thank you so much. You just made my life! Thank you. I’ve tried so hard to find her stuff. I even ordered all of her CD’s on Yesasia. Only to find out they didn’t have them in stock. I even had some of her CD’s a long time ago but lost them. By chance do you have her album Will? I feel that back in 2009 it was easier to, download jpop. Now a days it’s not so easy. Thank you again I’m forever grateful.

          1. OMG. Thank you so much. I have been happily listening to Merci Vox ever since you sent it to me. Now I can enjoy this album again too. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate this. <3

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