[Album] Tsutchie – GANGSTA. Original Soundtrack “SIGNS” [2015.10.07]

[Album] Tsutchie - GANGSTA. Original Soundtrack "SIGNS" [2015.10.07]

Tsutchie – GANGSTA. Original Soundtrack “SIGNS”
(Tsutchie – GANGSTA. オリジナルサウンドトラック “SIGNS”)

Tracklist & Size :

CD1/01 Ergastulum.mp3 7.52 MB
CD1/02 Shadow.mp3 9.81 MB
CD1/03 The Offer.mp3 7.19 MB
CD1/04 Sword and Bullet.mp3 10.88 MB
CD1/05 Bonds.mp3 6.76 MB
CD1/06 The Past.mp3 9.19 MB
CD1/07 Not Serious.mp3 6.47 MB
CD1/08 Celebrer.mp3 8.64 MB
CD1/08 Intimidation.mp3 10.08 MB
CD1/10 Strage.mp3 10.21 MB
CD1/11 A 0.mp3 8.53 MB
CD1/12 It’s No Use.mp3 5.69 MB
CD1/13 Handy Man.mp3 12.64 MB
CD1/14 Normal.mp3 10.37 MB
CD1/15 Twilights.mp3 8.81 MB
CD1/16 Renegade TSUTCHIE Remix.mp3 10.70 MB
CD2/01 Rain.mp3 7.36 MB
CD2/02 TAGS.mp3 10.83 MB
CD2/03 Investigation.mp3 7.72 MB
CD2/04 Pang.mp3 10.24 MB
CD2/05 Marauder.mp3 8.87 MB
CD2/06 Clear.mp3 10.54 MB
CD2/07 I stand.mp3 7.13 MB
CD2/08 Disquieting.mp3 6.20 MB
CD2/09 The Ghost.mp3 9.26 MB
CD2/10 Overdose.mp3 7.63 MB
CD2/11 Confidential Talk.mp3 8.89 MB
CD2/12 Bad Memories.mp3 9.02 MB
CD2/13 with You.mp3 10.08 MB
CD2/14 Daily.mp3 11.19 MB
CD2/15 Times.mp3 7.25 MB
CD2/16 Yoru no Kuni TSUTCHIE Remix.mp3 9.89 MB

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